Páll Haukur Björnsson

There are termites in the rafter.

& entropy, the pre-
cariousness of the human concept.
Trying to keep it together, under con-
trol, make sense; bolt it to the wall and
have it explain the architecture; the
complex. Mind and body-facades-con-
text and significance. The form of the
thing holds power in its embodiment of
nothingness. It’s not complicated, it’s
sophisticated. The grotesqueness of
desire, the calm deathlessness of
choice. It’s a tendency rather than an
object, an occurrence more than a
form. It’s a compromise like waves to
soft black shores. There is no causality
only refrains and resemblance. The
category: dust & bones.

Non Sensical, 2016
Hlekkur á gagn